Gloss Black F20 F21 M140i Rear Emblem Badge

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Gloss Black M140i Rear Badge for your F20 F21 1 Series

Replace your chrome OEM M135i badge with the gloss black version for a more sporty and stealth look!

A perfect companion to compliment your other exterior gloss black parts.

Self-adhesive and ready to fit.


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Compatible With:

F20 M140i 12-15

F21 M140i 12-15




Gloss Black


Gently pry off your original badge (if present) with a plastic prying tool, quite often you might find using a fishing line is of great help without scratching the paintwork. It would be easier if you use a hairdryer to gently warm up the badge so they could be removed more easily. You might want to use masking tapes to mark the position of the original badge so you can refit the new one in the correct position.

Once the badge is off the car, you might see some left over sticky residuals. Use a non-abrasive surface cleaner or sticky stuff remover to clean the area off, make sure it is free of dust and grease. Peel the backing off the new badge and refit into the original position and you are done!