EIBACH PRO-SPACERS KIT For BMW E, F, X, & Z Series (PAIR) | Silver or Black

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Eibach Pro-Spacer is the ideal add-on for use with standard wheels and suspension, or as a combination for use with the Eibach Pro-Kit as well the Sportline lowering springs, if the original or aftermarket wheels are missing that last optical "kick".

With the Eibach Pro-Spacer installed, the car looks wider and better, as the wheel fills the arch. Thats how the cars look gets its final touch.

By increasing the track width, not only the appearance is improved, but you also achieve an optimized driving behavior combined with higher stability, as the roll of the chassis is influenced in a positive manner.

Optimize the "sportive touch" to the last detail: wheels, tires, Eibach Suspension Components and Pro-Spacer!

You'll achieve optimum looks and enhanced handling by moving your wheels flush with the outer edges of the wheel wells. Simply measure the wheel-well/tyre gap and decide on what size spacers you need.


Spacers are supplied in PAIR and do not come with new bolts.

You may also be interested in the LONGER WHEEL BOLTS & LOCKS HERE.

Available Sizes:

Below are supplied with Eibach System2:

5MM* per spacer - 10mm Total Widening

*5mm spacers not available for F30 F31 F34 3 Series, F32 F33 F36 4 Series, F07 F10 F11 5 Series, F06 F12 F13 6 Series, FX 7 Series, X1, X2, F25 X3, G01 X3, F26 X4, X5, X6, & E89 Z4

10MM** per spacer - 20mm total widening

**10mm spacers not available for X5 and X6 series

12mm per spacer - 24mm total widening

15mm per spacer - 30mm total widening

Below are supplied with Eibach System7:

20mm per spacer - 40mm total widening

25mm per spacer - 50mm total widening

30mm per spacer - 60mm total widening

System 2 requires the use of extended longer wheel bolts (sold separately). The spacers sit on the original hub and you fix the wheel to the spacer and hub using longer wheel bolts.

System 7 is supplied with special bolts, The spacer is bolted to the hub, then you use the original wheel bolts to fix the wheel onto the new spacer.

You will also need to purchase the EXTENDED WHEEL BOLTS & LOCKS with the SYSTEM 2 Spacers.


PRO-SPACER | Wheel Spacers

  • Made from high-tensile-strength aluminium alloy
  • Exact fitment by using minimal production tolerances, resulting in exceptional wheel balance
  • All applications tested in rigid durability and fatigue tests
  • High-grade corrosion protection through a special coating process (salt spray test according to DIN 50021)
  • Significant weight advantage compared to wheel-spacers made from steel

Available in Anodised Silver or Anodised Black to suit your preference.

Compatible With:

1 Series: E81 E87 E82 E88

2 Series: F22 F23 F45 F46

3 Series: E30 E36 E46 E90 E91 E92 F30 F31 F34 & M3

4 Series F32 F33 F36 & M4

5 Series: E34 E39*** E60 E61 F10 F11 & M5

6 Series: E63 E64 F06 F12 F13 & M6

7 Series: E38 E65 E66 F01 F02

Z3 & Z4 Series: E36 E85 E86 E89

X1 & X3 Series

X5 Seeries: E53 E70 F15

X6 Series: E71 F16

***Please leave a note at the check out if you have an E39 because it has a different hub size

Warranty: 2 Year

Anodised Silver:


Anodised Black:





2 Year