DEPO LHD F30 F31 Xenon Projector Look Angel Eyes Headlights

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Left Hand Drive ONLY DEPO BMW F30 F31 Xenon Projector Look Angel Eyes Headlight Retrofit Kit

Fed up with the old-fashioned looking yellow halogen headlights on your BMW F30 F31 3 series? Now you can have the latest Ultra White Xenon Projector Look Angel Eyes Headlights too!

Made by DEPO, one of the most respected aftermarket car lighting products manufacturers in the world, these lights are excellent quality and made to OE standard.

These headlights include 4 x Ultra White U-Shaped LED Halo Rings which are daytime visible and run as DRL (daytime running lights) seen on the latest BMW models. Headlight bulbs uses original H7 Halogen Bulb for the Projector Low Beam, H7 Inner Housing High Beam, PY21W Signal Lights and White LED Angel Eye Halo Rings Built In for Parking/ DRLs.

You may wish to add the H7 HID Xenon Retrofit Kit to complete the factory xenon headlight look!

Plug and Play with No ERRORS! Inclusive of adjustment motors.

Compatible With:

Left Hand Drive F30 Saloon 12-15

Left Hand Drive F31 Touring 12-15

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1 Year