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BC Racing RM Series BMW 3 Series Coupe E92 (06-11) 8/ Coilover

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BC Racing RM Series BMW 3 Series Coupe E92 (06-11) 8/ Coilover

Coilover Type: MA

Product Code: I-18-RM-MA
SKU: 0032685

This is the kit we recommend for the best balance of performance and comfort, designed by the factory to have the best overall compromise of spring rate, ride height range, top mount design and damping rate to suit the majority of car owners.

It is more than capable of dealing with fast road and track work but also retains a high degree ride civility so the car can still be used for mundane duties and long journeys without the ride becoming tiring.

The BC Racing RM series feature high quality damping adjustable monotube inverted dampers at the front or front and rear, depending on vehicle. The RM coilovers offer the majority of the features of the BR series but with the additional benefit of the inverted damper unit. Inverting the damper unit brings with it a number of advantages. Unsprung weight is reduced by moving the oil and gas reservoir way from the hub and attaching it to the shell. Unsprung weight is vital to a cars performance as a lighter wheel and hub assembly which readily moves in response to road bumps will have more grip when tracking over an imperfect road.


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