BMW F30 F80 M3 GTS Look OLED Rear Lights Retrofit Kit - Smoked/Clear

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M4 GTS OLED Look Rear Tail Lights Retrofit Set for BMW F30 Saloon and F80 M3!

The M4 GTS with breakthrough OLED tail lights installed from BMW factory has been the envy of many car owners, the futuristic design and look is unseen in the automotive world however the original OLED tail lights prices have set many people back from buying.

Now you can have the GTS OLED look tail lights for a fraction of the OEM parts price!

Specially designed for the F30 3 series Saloon and F80 M£ saloon, these lights feature the OLED look and with the sequential start up animation, they will make your car stand out from the crowd!




  • GTS OLED Look
  • Sequential Start-Up Motion
  • Available in OE Red/Clear or Clear/Smoked
  • Plug and Play No Coding Needed

Compatible With:

F30 Saloon 12-18

F80 M3 Saloon 14-19


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Usually Shippied in 4-7 Working Days